International Projects

GRP pipe manufacturing is leading by Farassan and its technology at Faratec™ in the region, Farassan has participated in variety of projects distinguishing its products and technology of Faratec™ as one of most well-known in GRP pipe industry around the globe.
Undertaken / participated projects include but not limited to oil & gas industry, petrochemical plants, power plants, sub - aqueous pipeline and any kind of water transmission lines both nationally and internationally.
Transmission of corrosive and abrasive fluid, have become one of our specialized sector of work in all industries such as mining and crude oil.
Today, thousands of kilometers of Faratec™ pipes have been installed around the globe. We regard ourselves as a strategic partner to our clients and work closely to provide them with the best possible solution for their projects.


Why Farassan GRP Pipes ?

Farassan’s piping systems signifies superior quality and long-term performance While FRP and GRP pipe have a 50-year history in the industry it is considered a modern day product material with many new emerging applications. To contribute to the FRP pipe manufacturing history, Farassan’s technology center is continuously developing new products and systems to serve different sectors of industry. In addition to anti-corrosive characteristics, Farassan’s Fiberglass composite pipes possess superior mechanical and Strength to weight ratio and numerous other properties and advantages, which makes Farassan’s FRP and GRP products the material of choice by designers for all types of pipeline construction


Project Management

Our Project Management service delivers because, we believe and do merging business intelligence with technical strength.
Farassan's Project Management performing at its best is swift to respond to opportunities and challenges. Make the right decisions, requires sharp insight into trends so resources and risks clearly become the most important part of each projects.
We help clients of energy sectors to improve performance and optimize the outcome by providing them with the complete combination of strategic commercial thinking with precise, hands-on experience of processes, assets and people